Saturday, May 23, 2009

It Happens Every Spring

A momma and her babies on our dart board cabinet

A little different post this time...

We have a dart board on our covered, but open back patio. Every spring, birds, like this gray dove, see the flat top and build a nest.

For several weeks, Grace and I watch as eggs are laid and the momma perches on top to keep them warm until they're hatched.

When we go out the back door, the bird may first fly away while building the nest. When they realize we are no harm, they eventually just sit there and watch what's going on.

Talk about dedication, too - the momma never leaves her eggs. And amazingly, after a couple of weeks, the eggs hatch and we watch as the babies get strong enough to fly away.

The daddy bird (I assume) helps out by bringing food to the momma while she's sitting and helps feed the babies later as well.

After the birds fly away so do the parents, but within days - minutes, it seems sometimes - another momma has found the nest left behind and it starts all over again.

We've had at least two families there already this year, but I think we're all done as the season winds down.

It's good to know that during this struggling housing market our home is going to the birds.


  1. aw - the mourning dove is just the cutest! that's too cool that every year they nest there! at my parent's old home they had a wren that would next every year behind a set of speakers my dad had up in the corners on their back porch. as far back as i could remember they nested there. birds are just too cool!

  2. The picture of the mourning dove made my day! My parents are big bird lovers as well, and every time I go home I love to see all of the different kinds of birds that come for the bird seed and nectar that my Dad puts out on their porch. It attracts a lot of squirrels as well :)

    My favorite are the little hummingbirds. Their wings flitter SO fast and they are just beautiful! There is something so peaceful and calming about watching the birds, and I love that you have a great appreciation for them as well!

    Have a wonderful weekend Don!