Saturday, January 3, 2009

All That Vegan Jazz

"So what is all that vegan jazz about anyway?"

In one form or another, I get this question a lot. Most vegans do, I suppose.

It's about a lot of things really...
  • Caring about animals.
  • Caring about the environment.
  • Caring about the planet.
All true, but really it just comes down to not needing to prove our species' evolutionary superiority over other animal life forms by being their caretakers instead of their conquerors.

Otherwise, how have we really evolved from our primitive ancestors?

And even beyond the inhumanity of our treatment of animals used for slaughter and consumption, this is particularly true in learning of the waste and the environmental disaster that occurs to our planet due to our industrial exploitation of animals.

It's time for human beings to evolve another step; or to put it another way, it's time for people to grow up.

As for the "jazz" part of this, cooking in a way that is out of the usual mainstream allows us to create, invent, and improvise. I know no other word that can better describe this than the creativity, invention, and improvisation of jazz.

Whether it's music or food, it is my goal to share my jazz with you.


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